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Amrut Mody School of Management

Dean's Message

Dr. Bhavesh Patel
Welcome to Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSoM). The Amrut Mody School of Management took its current shape after Ahmedabad Education Society established Ahmedabad University, recognized by UGC as Private University. It is located in the most livable city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. AMSoM is delivering business education through three of its institutions which are as follows:

Each AMSoM institution has become the temple of higher learning keeping in line with the vision of Ahmedabad University. Community of students and their parents have bestowed this status through making our programmes in their most preferred list. The dynamic leadership of the Governing Council members of AES has enabled its institutions to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom in diverse fields of education. Its institutions keep establishing new benchmarks for others to follow.

Inspiration and passion for what we do are the invisible elements which drive us relentlessly to achieve a leadership position in management education in an intensely competitive environment. We have created physical, IT and knowledge infrastructure which is in line with future requirements. Our faculty and staff are dedicate towards educational excellence, development of students and nurturing environment fostering development of skills and personality, so that our main stakeholders can become a good citizens and partners in progress.

Bhavesh Patel, Ph. D.

Ravindranath Tagore
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- Ravindranath Tagore
AHMEDABAD UNIVERSITY is a State Private University established on 24th July 2009 under Section 3 of The Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009.